Mission Statement
By the next six years, the school will develop a student friendly environment leading to an improvement in learning levels, speaking skills, academic excellence, physical and personality development.
The school values of respect, service, perservance, compassion, self-discipline, honesty and responsibility form the framework of our pastoral care, discipline and learning programs. 
From earliest entry to the school at Nursery, we seek to teach and encourage students to reflect these values in all areas of their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. 
In a wider context we also plan to develop strong links with the community, fulfilling our intention to provide a challenging program of studies that will meet many of the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of students, families and staff. 
To this end, we consider it a privilege to share in your child's educational journey and we look forward to working together with you to provide an environment that is positive, stimulating and focused on learning.