TPISSS provides its students with a world class education by nurturing self-confidence, self-discipline, critical thinking and creativity.
In what ways are students most likely to find TPISSS to be different? 
The manner in which they are expected to learn may be a departure from the manner in which they are accustomed. They will not be passive recipients of information and facts. Rather they will be active, fully participative, and ready to interact with the teacher and the rest of the group. Their learning will encompass a range of new skills such as making presentations, leading teams, carrying out independent research, finding practical application for their knowledge and creating time for reflection and evaluation. 
A Secular School : The School operates under the guidelines of secularism. The school gives respect to all the religions. The festivals related to all the religions are celebrated with equal zest and zeal. 
The students will be pleasantly surprised by our faculty: they have all been chosen for their broad experience, and skills in interactive teaching in the English medium. 
The students will find themselves in a cosmopolitan environment. They will, over time be able to understand their place in the world outside their own nation and community, to be able to appreciate other cultures and beliefs without sentimentality or prejudice, and should find it possible, once they graduate from TPISSS, to move through the world with ease, confidence and understanding. 
Other Highlights : 
Largest Campus in region spreaded over 6 acres of land. 
Big & Spacious Class Rooms. 
Education through Playway method. 
Well equipped & Hi-Tech Science, Maths & Computer Labs. 
Cumputerized Smart Class Rooms. 
State of Art Sports Facilities with BIG Playgrounds. 
400 MT ATHLETICS TRACK. ( Region’s First ) 
Well Stocked Library with 5000+ books. 
Broadband & WIFI Internet Facility. 
Online Smart Web Portal Facility.  
SMS Updates for upcoming & ongoing activities. 
Extra Co-Curricular activities including MUSIC, DANCE AND ART CLASSES. 
Spacious Auditorium & AV Room 

Surveillance through CCTV Cameras.  
24 Hrs Generator Facility. 
Fire Safety Compliance for safety of students & Staff. 
Well Managed fleet of school buses.


Students are taught in classes of small batches & groups with upto 30 students per class. In practice, in some classes such as Science, Practical Design and Technology, Labs and Music, the class sizes are smaller. Students are expected to participate actively in class, to ask questions, to make presentations, to carry out independent research and also to work collaboratively in teams. Our teachers help their students to develop the skills that will enable them to succeed in this dynamic teaching environment. 
There are occasions, of course, when students are taught in the formal and time honoured way. The range of strategies that teachers use within a timescale of several lessons ensures that learning is both challenging and enjoyable. In Science, for example, experimentation is the routine accompaniment to theory and in History, students understand that analysis and evaluation of sources and the acceptance of many perspectives can lead to better interpretation. 
We understand that students are all individuals and have diverse needs. We support those who may need occasional assistance in ways appropriate to their needs and to stretch those who may pull ahead of their peers. 
Thus, our planning ensures that all students are equipped to meet their potential. Extra study sessions and personal tutorial time have been built into the School timetable each week. 
Assessment is ongoing and varied with CCE pattern. Examinations and tests are paramount and are supported by students’ portfolios, written oral tasks, multiple choice tests as well as teacher observations. At all levels, students need to demonstrate critical enquiry, research skills, and an ability to place their knowledge into practical contexts, analysis and commentary. 
Grading sessions take place every month/week and grades are awarded for both achievement and effort. 
Formal examinations S1 & S2 take place twice a year. A progress report is discussed with parents on every PTM and a more comprehensive report is sent out at the end of every term. These reports detail academic attainment, personal development, participation in activities and behaviour in residence. 
The School is equipped with a web-based portal for both students and parents as well as with complete wi-fi connectivity. This is an Intranet that encourages and assists remote learning and School administration. Assignments, curriculum plans, web links, assessments and tasks are all available online. 
A weekly assembly for the whole School brings everyone together as a large family to share experiences and to reflect on the aims of the School.