Director's Message
TPISSS provides its students with a world class education by nurturing self-confidence, self-discipline, critical thinking and creativity.
Welcome to The Pinewood International Sen. Sec. School! 
Our goal for every student who enters T.P.I.S.S.S. is to provide a secure environment where they will be given opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop their social skills. 
Students at T.P.I.S.S.S. will find a warm and welcoming environment. The teaching staff is specially selected from a group of dedicated professionals who are firstly passionate about teaching children, and secondly, are experienced in teaching their individual subject content and specialty areas. 
Teachers, parents and students at T.P.I.S.S.S. work as a team. It is my hope that in combining both home and School knowledge a unique support system for every child can be designed so that each student will find a consistent link between School and home. 
Best Wishes, 
Er. Harneet Singh Likhari 
 Managing Director